Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

I finally decided to join the blogosphere after telling my wife and best friend over and over how I was going to do it "someday". Well, someday is here and its about time! I was getting tired of being disappointed in myself.

The purpose of the blog is to provide an outlet for my screaming at the television, something I find myself doing more often these days, as the amount of complete crap that is spewed as fact has increased to a level surpassed only by the number of embarrassing moments in the life of Brittney Spears. What is clear to me is that they are no longer teaching economics in school or if they are, everyone is sleeping through it. Now I know that econ has always been one of the best classes to sleep in, especially considering most of the professors sound like Ben Stein, but it will affect our lives more than anything else we learn in school. Well, actually, if you DO sleep through econ class, learning to spell you name correctly on the unemployment application will arguably be more important.

You may be asking yourself how I could possibly have the expertise required to correct the great minds at World News Tonight or the show that thought Katie Couric as a replacement for Dan Rather was a better idea than just scrapping the whole operation. Well, I'm not an economist, but I am a slightly overweight white guy, and that is more than I can say for Katie. Actually, I did manage to stay awake in economics class long enough to get a degree in it from Auburn University, which as everyone knows is world renowned for having a great football team, so that should shut up the critics. Ok, enough about me. No one is even reading this, so its like I am talking to myself about myself, which is just creepy. In any event, I hope to be informative, relevant, sometimes funny, but always truthful and never hyperbolic. And it might even save your life!