Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Markets in Under 30 Minutes Or Its...Well, Free!

I found a video that is absolutely phenomenal. It is the most concise argument for limited government that I have seen. It is also older than me, proving that the ideas I espouse are not things I dreamed up one day to keep a thumb on the unwashed masses. It really ties in with my last post on selfishness only he explains it like someone who won a Nobel Prize for his efforts. It is just under 30 minutes long, but well worth the time spent. Dr. Milton Friedman touches many topics I plan to discuss in detail over time on the blog, including Social Security, the minimum wage, and rent control, among other things. So grab a cup of coffee and have a look, if nothing else you will be able to sit back and be thankful that you chose not to wear your hair like the host of Open Mind, and that intro music is no longer that creepy!

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Star said...

Well... 30 minutes well spent! I think this should be required viewing for all those in Washington D.C. especially our president elect! And thank God for His mercy and for government waste.